Ephemeral Architecture

Through a network of panels, boxes, containers, and waste discarded by the other citizens, but selected and rescued for us to provide them a new meaning, I perform an exercise of model making, gardening, and landscaping. An abstraction of the particular urban landscape existing in the Canary Islands, also articulated by drawing through the use of light and shadows.

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Playing with dreams

The camera and some Hotwheels in my backpack, always ready. Just when the proper car matches the location and the weather conditions it is possible to create the illusion of an existing story behind the picture. Just like in the movies or the advertisements. The story of an adventure, the journey to a dream.

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The project started on my YouTube channel as a Sketchbook for my videos. The aim was to share my pictures with friends and family, but including the whole landscape surrounding me on every selfie, which develops on a series called #SELFIE360. 

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