Ephemeral Architecture

Through a network of panels, boxes, containers, and waste discarded by the other citizens, but selected and rescued for us to provide them a new meaning, I perform an exercise of model making, gardening, and landscaping. An abstraction of the particular urban landscape existing in the Canary Islands, also articulated by drawing through the use of light and shadows.

After my studies in architecture, I had the need to deal with some topics about urban planning and the special situation in the Canary Islands. There is no sustainable urban development, and the houses are just piled on the hillsides beside the main populated areas. It responds to the needs of population growth solved by their own citizens and not to at any urban planning. Almost like a mess of storage containers for an entire population that has been increasing. The materials and designs do not fit the needs to distribute electricity or natural energy resources, the study of these resources is nonexistent and everyone uses them according to their possibilities or economic interests.

The materials used for the installations are found on the streets. All the collected objects, lights, and materials are stored in the boxes. These boxes are used for storage and transportation when they are not part of an exhibition.

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