Playing with dreams

The camera and some Hotwheels in my backpack, always ready. Just when the proper car matches the location and the weather conditions it is possible to create the illusion of an existing story behind the picture. Just like in the movies or the advertisements. The story of an adventure, the journey to a dream.

The individual photos show a car in a picturesque landscape. Approaching the pictures it becomes obvious that something does not match. Being close, it is evident that the car is only a toy photographed from a particular angle in a real landscape.

These pictures may remind of the passion of a child playing with cars on the one hand and on the other of symbols of status in the world of the grownups. In this ensemble, the pictures may become trophies of a utopic journey - souvenirs in themselves of cultural and constructed elements.

#PLAYING WITH DREAMS Video playlist 2016-20??

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