Self-portrait with my Digital Camera
Photobooth in Berlin
Analogue Photography
4 x 22 cm.
Oscar HR 2012


My name is Oscar Hernandez Rodriguez. I was born in Madrid 1981.
I grew up in Mallorca and I lived 8 years in Tenerife. I studied music, architecture and fine arts.
After an ERASMUS scholarship in Germany, I decided to continue my art studies at the art school in Dresden. Since 2013 I live and work in Dresden.


  • 2017
    • “Fictions are useful“ GEH8, Dresden.“Reformation/Transformation”
    • WRC Congress, Leipzig.
    • “OSTRALE weht ODER” Breslau, Poland.
  • 2015
    • “Interferencia”. El Tanque, Tenerife.
    • “Traverse Vidèo“ Goethe Institut, Toulouse.
    • “Cranach 2.0“ Lucas-Cranach-Pice 2015, Lutherstadt Wittenberg.
    • “Rafael Ramos García XIX Photography Price“ 2015, Tenerife.
  • 2014
    • “Arround You”. OSTRALE’14, 8th. International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts, Dresden.
    • “Manipulation“ “Im Friese“ Art Initiativ. Kirschau. 2013
    • “Souvenir Identities”. Fundación Mapfre Guanarteme, Tenerife.
    • “Displacement”. Senatsaal, Brühlsche Terrasse. HfBK Dresden.
    • “Souvenir Identities”. LDP Chalet Residency, Manchester.
    • “Souvenir Identities”. Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester.
    • “La mesa. Formas del Arte”. Museum of History and Anthropology of Tenerife.
  • 2012
    • “El concepto material”. Exconvento Sto. Domingo, Tenerife.
    • “Transmisiones”. La Granja, Tenerife. 2011
    • “Entreactos 01”. La Caixa, Tenerife. 2010
    • “1013MB”. Museum of History and Anthropology of Tenerife.

  Formal Education

  • 2016-2017 Social Media/Online Marketing
  • 2014-2015 Master student from Eberhard Bosslet. HfBK Dresden.
  • 2013 ERASMUS Scholarschip. HfBK Dresden.
  • 2009-2013 Fine arts degree. ULL,Tenerife.
  • 1999-2002 Architecture. UAH, Madrid.


In my works, I look for the tempo of a story. Whether it is in a video, a still image or an installation I look for the fragile point where the viewer can establish a personal connection with the images and engage with the story. Most of the times I don’t use sound, sometimes I write my own music or I use experimental music in collaboration with other artists. I define my work like painting landscapes of feelings, sometimes with pixels sometimes with objects.

Therefore I use everyday objects and I film with ordinary technology like smartphones and pocket digital cameras. I value the imperfection of a spontaneous shot over the beauty of a perfect shot. The artistic value of a work resides in the power to connect with the viewers and to let them complete the frame with their own knowledge and experiences, regarding of the education and art skills.  

I include phenomenon seen on the internet and the social media. I use Youtube and Instagram as my field of experimentation and Sketchbook and I follow trends behaviors from the new generations and their relation to the new technologies.

Oscar HR 2017

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