The project started on my YouTube channel as a Sketchbook for my videos. The aim was to share my pictures with friends and family, but including the whole landscape surrounding me on every selfie, which develops on a series called #SELFIE360. 

Each video shows me turning on the spot in a circle whereby the focus is on my the face and the background becomes blurred. I post produce the videos on different software. The original shot of about 30 seconds is slowed down 8 times. The lack of information (pixels) in the file generates some glitches. I work every selfie as a paintwork.

The idea behind SELFIE360 derives from observing the speed of information and the fascination of the young generation of taking self-portraits with their smartphone to any occasion and uploading them directly to social websites. Therefore, the series deals not only with a sort of narcissistic behavior but also with the wish to share personal moments of any kind as well as of taking time for perception. The blurred background only gives a clue to the mood, season and setting but it does not allow the viewer any closer conclusion.

#SELFIE360 Seasons

#SELFIE360 V2.0

#SELFIE360 Untitled I

#SELFIE360 Babel

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