Contemporary art

I am Oscar HR multidisciplinary artist and producer. I move around the contemporary art scene and I am most interested in public art, performance, experimental music but also marketing and social media.

Video & Film

Since 2012 I am specialized in video art, documentation of performances and short films. The topics for my videos are either autobiographical or based on other artists work, as a collaboration.


There´s just one way to mastering the discipline of video and is through photography. I did several works based on still photography like my series "Playing with dreams" with Hotweehl toy cars on a real landscape and a self-portrait investigation using old analogic Photobooths found in Germany.


Although video represents a major part of my artwork, I started drawing and doing installations like my early work "Ephemeral Architecture". Nowadays I rather show my videos as video installations like in "Selfie360_Seasons".

  Video Productions

I produce short films, video documentation, video art and music videos for other artists and art institutions. I engage with projects on the public space, working with communities, but also parformative actions and live music performances.

I work alone as HR Productions for private and small projects with limited budget. For larger projects I do it as a collective with Whiteflag Productions.


YouTube is probably my favourite social media platform. My YouTube channel is my sketchbook for videos and my field of experimentation. Since 2015 I have work on SEO and Online Marketing for other companies. I also consult other artists and art institutions who want to improve their Social Media skills and increase their presence on the Internet.


This is the platform on which you will find the short films and film documentaries from the collective Whiteflag Productions.

360° Videos

Since 2016 I produce videos in 360°. The Virtual Reality videos bring us a more immersive experience and force us to re-think the film processes and the storytelling within.   

VeeR is the new platform for 360° Video producers. Here you will find behind the scenes videos in 360° from my projects and experimental films using Virtual Reality technology.

What if? The films

WHAT IF? is a performative short film, written by Manaf Halbouni and directed by OscarHR. A secret meeting takes place in 1919 to start the Scottish revolution. 

The short film "What if?" is a project commissioned by Deveron Projects and made for the people of Huntly in Scotland. With the collaboration of the so-called "new Scotts" (this is how the people of Huntly decided to call the new refugees arrived from Syria trying to rebuild their lives in Scotland), Manaf Halbouni developed a script about a fictional situation on an alternative history timeline of colonialism in the Middle East.

"A performance piece to imagine a different geo-political scenario"

There are two versions of the film, one in a classic manner on set and with semi-professional cameras, and the director’s cut filmed live by the public during the presentation of the play. And a documentary with behind the scenes material and interviews will be released on 2018. The documentary is meant to talk about the problematic and the different approaches possible while describing the process and the results of the art project during the artist in residence by Manaf Halbouni, hosted by Deveron Projects in Huntly.

-- We are planning screenings of the films with an artist talk and debate. If you are interested in the Project, please just contact us to get more information --

  • What if? - FullHD 1080p 25fps - Stereo 48Khz - 14:24
  • What if? - The director's cut - FullHD 1080p 25fps - Stereo 48Khz - 14:24
  • What if? - The documentary - FullHD 1080p 25fps - Stereo 48Khz - 45:00

Upcoming projects and events

BLAUSON | Lieber mal
may 2018

► Music Video release • "LIEBER MAL" from the band BLAUSON recorded for their last album SCHORLE • Blauson are: Luca Burkhalter, Noah Punkt und Christian Manss • #artpop #elektropop #indiepop #zürich #dresden ► Music written & arranged by Christian Manss, Luca Burkhalter & Noah Punkt ► Produced by Luca Burkhalter ► Mixing: Dominique Dreier. Mastering: Emanuel Uch. Cover Artwork by Nadine Wölk ◕ The Video was entirely filmed in Dresden with a Samsung Gear360 camera

[ Watch the Video ]
Monument Berlin
nov 2018

[o] Documentary release • #MonumentBerlin from Manaf Halbouni • At the 3. Berliner Herbstsalon (Third Berlin Autumn Salon) in Nov 2017 I documented the installation of "Monument" at the Platz des 18. März (18th of March Square) in Berlin ◕ Filmed with a 360 VR camera, Samsung Gear360

[ Watch the Dresden Videos here ]

  Contact me

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my work or just want to send me some feedback or support. Thanks.


Easy and fast communication. If you are a Facebook user you can like my facebook site to get updated on current projects, contact me or leave me a comment.


Instagram is my favorite platform after YouTube. I like to keep it spontaneous and test more photographic stuff. Just with my smartphone.

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