What if? The films

WHAT IF? is a performative short film, written by Manaf Halbouni and directed by OscarHR. A secret meeting takes place in 1919 to start the Scottish revolution. 

The short film "What if?" is a project commissioned by Deveron Projects and made for the people of Huntly in Scotland. With the collaboration of the so-called "new Scotts" (this is how the people of Huntly decided to call the new refugees arrived from Syria trying to rebuild their lives in Scotland), Manaf Halbouni developed a script about a fictional situation on an alternative history timeline of colonialism in the Middle East.

"A performance piece to imagine a different geo-political scenario"

There are two versions of the film, one in a classic manner on set and with semi-professional cameras, and the director’s cut filmed live by the public during the presentation of the play. And a documentary with behind the scenes material and interviews will be released on 2018. The documentary is meant to talk about the problematic and the different approaches possible while describing the process and the results of the art project during the artist in residence by Manaf Halbouni, hosted by Deveron Projects in Huntly.

-- We are planning screenings of the films with an artist talk and debate. If you are interested in the Project, please just contact us to get more information --

  • What if? - FullHD 1080p 25fps - Stereo 48Khz - 14:24
  • What if? - The director's cut - FullHD 1080p 25fps - Stereo 48Khz - 14:24
  • What if? - The documentary - FullHD 1080p 25fps - Stereo 48Khz - 45:00
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