Multidisciplinary & Transdisciplinary Art

Starting as a young musician playing guitar in Spain, I have been always pushing my boundaries and trespassing through many different creative disciplines and knowledge fields to reach a very unique and complex creative process.

Music, architecture, drawing, painting, and installations with mixed media were my early works in Spain. But it was in 2013 that I focused on the still photography that got me into the video and filmmaking. But the boundaries that make my trans-disciplinary research are so blurred that actually, I can’t describe myself as belonging to only one field. There is as much as an artist, a scientist or a builder in my works and processes, that I can only describe my processes as a product of a trans-disciplinary thinking. A skill to poll multidisciplinary processes to solve complex issues. The driving force behind this model of thinking is that some concepts or problems simply can’t be solved by singular means.

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